365 Ultimate Reels Prompts for Dentists!

Steal our Reels ideas, that we use with our clients, to help you grow your dental practice with ease.


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A whole years worth of ideas!

Never run out of content for your Reels again with our comprehensive list of prompts.

Carefully selected for just for Dentists

Our prompts are relevant to the dental industry and are sure to resonate with your patients.

Grouped by treatment

Create Reels that are relevant to your target audience and promote the treatments that you offer.

Build your audience

Attract new patients and build relationships with existing ones by creating engaging and informative Reels.

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Save time and energy with our ready-to-use prompts.

Practice Managers

Create and plan content that is dentistry focussed and resonates with patients!

Dental Nurses

Responsible for content creation? Take the stress and uncertainty of what Reel to create next!

About the author

Social media is a fantastic way to attract more patients, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. And that’s okay!


As a Social media pro with 10+ years of experience, including 4 years in the dental industry. I know firsthand how time-consuming and frustrating it can be to create regular content for social media, especially Reels.


That’s why I created the 365 Ultimate Reels Prompts, specifically for dentists.


These prompts are carefully selected to take the stress out of content creation and help you grow your dental practice with ease. Whether you’re a dentist, practice manager, or dental nurse, my Reels prompts can help you save time, create engaging content, and attract new patients.

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