6 reasons your business should publish Facebook stories

23 September 2022

With so many different tools and features on the platforms we use, it can be difficult to work out what tools can benefit our business and which ones aren’t necessary to use. If your brand has a presence on Facebook, it is important to make use of the functions that will help you in building a relationship with your followers.

The story feature, which can be found on a range of different social media platforms, is a prevalent feature that enables us to show short snippets of video to your followers. If you’re familiar with the app Snapchat, it works in a similar way where users can share photos, videos, and animations that disappear after 24 hours. Similar to Instagram Stories, when a viewer interacts with a Facebook story they can like, comment, and respond back using a range of ‘reactions’.

When using Instagram stories, photos play for five seconds each, and videos up to 20 seconds can play when using the feature. Adding to this, if you ever choose to go live on the app, the video will be in your story for as long as you’re broadcasting.

One of the greatest benefits of a story post is that it feels more personal in comparison to a standard feed post. With your story post, you are free to be a bit more expressive and to show more personality behind the business. When you share something to your story, it doesn’t appear as a feed post but it will appear at the top of the Facebook app.

It has been reported that Facebook Stories have more than 150 million daily active users, this means that by actively posting content here, you will be helping your business to reach more people!

How should I use Facebook stories?

Now that we’ve told you a little bit about the features of Facebook stories, here are some ideas for how you should use them for your business…

BTS footage – Why not make your followers feel like they are getting exclusive access to the brand and show them some behind-the-scenes footage of your business? This could be something like an exclusive interview, a tour of your office, or even a photoshoot!

To share announcements – If you have an upcoming event, an exclusive discount code, or are announcing a sale, stories are a great way to promote this! You could provide a little information on your story to peak your viewers’ interest and remind them to keep an eye out for updates. For this, you can make use of interactive stickers!

Ask your viewers for their opinion – A great way to get your followers to interact with you is by using stories to encourage them to share their opinions! With the use of stickers and other features, you can ask your followers questions and get them to vote on certain things. This would be a great feature for getting your following to vote on a certain product they like from your business or it would be a great way to find out what they think about the business and what they’d like to see!

To drive traffic to your website or blog – With the use of helpful stickers, you can include a link to a certain page that the viewer can access from the story. This is a great feature if you’ve just launched a new product and are aiming to drive traffic to the page!

Resharing content from other social media platforms – As stories are a great way to showcase personality, many brands benefit from sharing TikToks that provide a sense of humor and create some lightheartedness about the brand.

To show off your branding – On Facebook stories, you can create brand stories without a lot of graphic design work. The built-in filters allow you to add effects, stickers, text, and components that will give your brand a consistent look.

We hope this post has provided you with some tips on how to use Facebook stories to promote your brand! If you have any further questions or if you would like us to go into more depth about any of the above, we’d be happy to help! Drop us a line!

Will you be using Facebook Stories? If you do already, what do you post?

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