7 post ideas for businesses – Part 2

20 September 2022

We’re back with more tips on what to post when you’re facing the dreaded social media post rut. Have a read through this article and watch the ideas start flowing! If you missed part one of this series, be sure to check it out and take note of all the ideas that you would like to try for yourself!

Event promotion – If your business is hosting an event that you feel your followers would benefit from attending, the best place to promote it is on your social media page! This is a great way to help boost ticket sales and footfall. If the event is interesting to the individual, they may go on to share the post on their own personal page which would help to increase your engagement and get your content seen by more people. You can even go on to create an event page on Facebook where your followers can click if they are attending and can receive any updates easily! Don’t forget to post photos from the event after it happens!

Case study posts – If you work with a number of different clients in your business, it may be worth showing this off a little. Show your followers how your business has helped other people or other brands and show a detailed rundown of what you did to help! You could even get a testimonial from the client and include images from the work you have done. Case studies are a great way to make your business look trustworthy and authentic as people are more likely to interact with a brand that is transparent about its work!

Company history posts – If your company has a rich business history, it may be worth posting about it to showcase how far the company has come and how much it has grown. Not only does this make your business look more reliable, but it also gives some inside detail to the brand which would help your followers to feel more connected! For this, you could create a post detailing key events or even create a timeline-styled post that starts at the very beginning and ends with the present year.

Words of wisdom/ motivational quotes – Posts that are inspirational to your audience are great to include on your feed! This could be an inspirational quote from the director or other key members of the team or even just words of wisdom from well-known people. These types of posts are great as they have shareable value. If the individual seeing the post connects with the message, they may share it on their own personal page or even share it with other friends! For these posts, some brands do a ‘Motivational Monday’ or even a ‘Wisdom Wednesday’.

Competition posts – Competition posts are a great way to generate engagement. Everyone loves a competition and if there is a chance to win a freebie, your followers will want to take part. To do this, you will need to ensure that the prize offering is good enough to peak the interest of your followers. To enter, why not get your followers to comment below something on the posts and also share it on their own personal page? Not only will this get the competition seen by more people but it will also create some buzz for your business!

Tease new product drops – A great way to generate some interest in your latest drop of products would be to tease your following with a small preview of the selected product. It could be that you show some behind-the-scenes images from the product being created or ‘in the works or you could post a zoomed-in image of a particular detail of the new product. This will create anticipation with your followers and they will want to stay tuned to see more and know when the product will be dropped. Alternatively, if your business has dropped a few products why not post the ones that are bestselling to help boost sales?

Provide a how-to guide – A how-to guide is a great way to inform your customers about how to interact with your product or service. If your business idea is relatively new, you may want to include a breakdown of how the individual can get the most out of the product. For this, you may want to do a video that will provide a way to see the product up close and in action (content like this can also be re-shared and repurposed for other platforms). Alternatively, you can create an infographic-style post to show each step on how to use the products.

So to conclude part 2 of our social media post ideas, we hope we have given you some inspiration on what to post next. It may be worth saving this article somewhere so you can come back to it whenever you need ideas! We hope that we have helped you to get out of your social media posting rut! If you would like any more tips on anything else, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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