How to grow your following on Pinterest!

17 September 2022

Pinterest is a great platform used for sharing and saving images. It is a great resource for both pictures and information and can be the ideal place to get inspiration for a wide range of different things. Pinterest is a visual search engine that is hugely popular with some of the industry’s biggest names having active accounts which generate so much engagement. If you’re developing your social media strategy, we recommend that you consider investing some time into leveling up your Pinterest account!

One of the key elements of Pinterest is saving your ‘pins’ to boards to keep your ideas organized and easy to find. You can also create Pins to share your ideas with other people on the site!

What are the benefits of having a Pinterest account?
If you regularly upload your content (imagery or video) you will be potentially generating some traffic to your website. Your pin may get a lot of saves and people may be interested in finding out more about the pictured product. Pinterest is a free resource so you’ll be seriously missing out if you don’t utilize it!

1) The first thing that we recommend doing is creating a business Pinterest account for your company. By doing this instead of a standard account, you will be able to use a range of exclusive tools like creating advertisements and looking at your analytics!

2) Be sure that your username is easy to find and instantly recognizable. In your bio, it may be worth adding a few keywords so that your account will show up when people search for certain terms in your niche.

3) Identify your target audience and identify what kind of pins they are saving. It is worth doing a little research and seeing what content gets the most engagement so that you can replicate that strategy! By analyzing what you use you’ll be able to produce quality content that will help to expand your reach!

4) When it comes to posting images, it will be best to post original content that comes straight from your business. This could be product photography or even images from any campaigns or photoshoots that you have done!

5) Instead of hashtags, Pinterest utilizes topic tags which people can use to search for the content they want to see. Be sure to utilize this feature so that your content can be seen by the right people!

6) When it comes to creating your own Pinterest boards, be sure to add relevant keywords to the title of the board and also a description. Again, this helps to improve the SEO and will help to increase engagement!

7) Be consistent with your posts and be an active Pinterest user! Be sure to pin on a regular basis, manually pin others’ pins, and follow other boards. Also. make sure that you’re linking all of your original pins back to your website to ensure that you are creating a seamless journey for people to find out more information when they see your pin!

8) Another effective tactic to engage with Pinterest is checking out your Pin Activity and re-pinning what others have pinned of yours.

9) When it comes to followers, a good tip would be to start with following your competitors’ followers! This will usually result in a follow-back if your account is a similar niche to other pages that they follow!

10) Consider promoting certain pins! This way you can make sure that your content reaches a certain group of people that will be more likely to follow and engage with your business. This may lead to a conversion of traffic on your website and also an increase in sales.

We wish you all the very best of luck with growing your Pinterest account. We believe strongly that it is something that you should invest some time in as part of your wider social media strategy! We hope that this article has helped you to get started! If you have any questions or would like us to go into more detail on a certain topic, please feel free to contact us and let us know!

Do you currently use Pinterest for your business? Let us know in the comments below!

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