How to increase your Facebook reach?

17 September 2022

Do you feel like you’re getting the most out of the current content you post on social media? Maybe you’ve tried to ‘up’ your strategy but you’re still seeing lower levels of engagement which is leaving you feeling a little disheartened or even a bit hopeless! Don’t worry -we’re here to help! If you would like to work on improving your reach and engagement on Facebook, keep reading for some tips on how you can get started!

Gaining organic reach can be a hard thing to get started with as it does require a lot of time and also patience. With this kind of thing, the first stage may be a trial and error process so you can see what works and what doesn’t, so it’s good to keep this in mind!

When we talk about reach, we’re referring to how many individuals saw your content. This is different from impressions, which refers to how many times a post was seen overall and counts multiple views from the same user.

1) Use more video elements in your strategy!

As we are now aware, many social media platforms are now prioritizing the promotion of video content in comparison to static image posts. Because of this, it is essential that you aren’t posting one specific style of content as this can start to look monotonous to your followers. On Facebook, you are able to post regular videos to your feed, Story posts, and also Facebook Live! There are so many potential video elements you could try, so why not get started today?

2) Analyze the best and worst times to post!

To ensure that your content is actually getting seen by your audience, it is worth checking if you’re posting at a time that your followers are actually active so that they have a higher chance of actually seeing it! It would be pointless to spend hours on end getting the perfect piece of content created for it to be seen by a small number of people! When your content gets seen by the maximum number of people, this will do wonders for your organic reach! It may also be worth looking into when your competitors post so that you can ensure that you’re posting before them!

3) Avoid posting ‘engagement bait’ posts!

These posts force your followers into engaging but in a way that can look slightly annoying and spammy. These types of posts may look like the ones that say ‘Make sure you like if you agree with this post or something similar to that. Instead of doing this, it looks better if you try and start an open conversation with your followers in a less obvious way. Maybe ask them their opinion on the post or even encourage them to share their experience on something if it is relevant. Posts that start conversations and discussions are favored by Facebook and they will push the reach of this post.

4) Post a competition or giveaway!

This is a tried and tested method of increasing your reach! If you’re a smaller business it may be worth partnering with another brand and working together on a giveaway that will help to boost the reach of those involved! Not only will this look good as it will align you with a renowned brand that may have a larger following, but it will help to bring more reach to your posts and also your entire business page!

5) Ask your followers to turn on post notifications!

If you have a decent amount of followers on your account, but would like to increase your engagement with them, it may be worth asking them to turn on the post notifications so that they will be notified each time you post. Just make sure you specify exactly how they can turn on notifications in case they are unaware of how to do so.

We hope we have given you some ideas on how to start increasing your Facebook reach. It may be worth saving this article somewhere so you can come back to it whenever you need ideas! If you would like any more tips on anything else, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

What kind of content do you feel is received best on your page? Let us know in the comments!

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