Instagram Comments – the REAL fuel for your business

20 September 2022

All forms of engagement on Instagram are beneficial to establishing your online presence and helping to increase your reach! Many people may think that only elements of Instagram like ‘likes’ are beneficial when measuring how effective different forms of engagement are, however, this is not the case!

Whilst it may be tempting to use services to instantly generate likes and comments on our content, it will be more beneficial to you to work on increasing your organic engagement! Or The organic engagement just looks more authentic and will actually help you to turn followers into customers!

Instagram comments are a great way to interact with your following. By showing that you value their comment and feedback and giving an in-depth reply, you’ll be helping to actively build your community and show the commenter that you value the time taken to interact!

Usually, when we see a post that has comments on it, we’ll use that as a tool for measuring popularity. If others are engaging and commenting we’re more likely to pay attention too! When your posts have high rates of engagement, Instagram ranks the account higher. If your current content isn’t getting many comments, it may be worth changing your strategy slightly. Maybe even try commenting on a few other businesses’ posts as they will be more likely to return the favor and comment on your post!

Instagram comments help to make your page look more authentic and trustworthy. Comments show that your audience is responsive and trusts your channel and the content you share is meaningful and relevant. When you post something online, the number of comments and likes automatically catches the attention of the users.

Although you could definitely consider buying Instagram comments before you do we want to encourage you to focus on creating engagement more naturally. Buying comments may be helpful to some but can often be detrimental to a page and can look too spammy if most of the comments are from bot pages!

So how can you try and get more organic comments on your page?

Include an engaging CTA – A call to action will help you to encourage your followers to comment. Maybe ask them their opinion or get them to comment their opinions on a specific topic. This is a great way to start a conversation and share ideas!

Run a contest – This is a great way to gain some engagement on your page. To enter the competition you could get people to answer a question or even tag 3 people in the post for their entry to count.

Post competing funny, surprising, or provocative – Aim to post content that gains a positive reaction! Funny posts always go down a treat and add more of a sharable value to what you post. For example, meme-styled posts always have a lot of comments and are frequently shared by a lot of people.

Promote a Q&A element and get your followers to comment on their questions – This is a great way for the audience to find out a bit more about the brand! Sometimes incorporating a personality behind the brand can help the audience to better connect. By doing this they will feel more involved and will be more likely to comment on future posts as it shows that you are caring to build the online community.

We hope that this article has shown you the importance of Instagram comments. If you have any questions or would like us to go into more detail on a certain topic, please feel free to contact us and let us know!

How often do you leave a comment on Instagram posts from others?

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