How to Promote Your YouTube Podcast for Dentists: 7 Effective Strategies

25 July 2023

Podcasts are not going away anytime soon! If you’ve got a dental podcast, and if you want to get a broader listenership, simply posting and ghosting isn’t going to cut it in 2024.

Well, I’ve got some exciting news for you! Let me introduce you to the latest YouTube Podcast Management and analysis tools that will take your podcasting game to the next level.

Let’s start with a little backstory. YouTube has been gradually rolling out its podcast tools since mid-2022. They introduced a dedicated podcast page in August 2022, designed to help listeners discover new podcasts. Then, in February 2023, YouTube began phasing out Google Podcasts and launched a podcast listening portal in YouTube Music. And finally, in March 2023, Google unveiled podcast tools for channels in YouTube Studio.

Now, whether you’ve already published an unofficial dental podcast on your channel or you’re planning to launch a new one, YouTube has a range of options to boost discovery and reach a wider audience.

Here are a few reasons why you should leverage these new podcasting tools:

  1. Your podcasts get their own dedicated tab on your YouTube channel, making it easy for listeners to find them. Plus, you can add podcast playlists to your channel’s home tab, providing multiple ways for listeners to access your episodes.
  2. By setting up a podcast for your YouTube channel, your episodes can be included on YouTube Music. This means your dental podcast content automatically reaches listeners across both platforms, expanding your potential audience.
  3. If your podcast generates significant buzz and accumulates lots of views, it may even be featured on the dedicated YouTube Podcasts page, like the platform’s Explore pages. YouTube may also recommend your podcast to listeners with relevant interests, giving you an extra boost.

To publish a podcast on YouTube, all you need is a YouTube channel and at least one episode. You can easily upload or organize your content directly in YouTube Studio. It’s simple and hassle-free! 🙌

Now, let’s talk about promoting your YouTube podcasts organically. How can you attract more subscribers and listeners to your podcast?

Here are a few effective strategies:
  • Add Podcast End Screens to Your YouTube Videos
    Whenever you publish a new video on YouTube, take advantage of the end screen feature to promote your podcast. It’s an easy way to make your podcast more visible and drive traffic to it.
  • Optimize Your Podcasts for YouTube Search
    Make your podcast episodes easily discoverable by optimising them using standard YouTube search engine optimisation guidelines. Use the official name of your podcast in the title and consider including your brand name for clarity. In the description, include a primary keyword people are likely to search for, along with relevant semantic phrases. Adding hashtags and captions can also boost discoverability.
  • Share YouTube Clips Across Social Channels
    If your business has a large following on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram, you can promote your podcast by sharing links on these social media channels. To maximise engagement, use YouTube’s Clip tool to highlight short snippets from your podcast. The beauty of the Clip tool is that the audience can click straight through to the rest of the podcast from the clip, enhancing their listening experience. (NB auto click through not compatible with Instagram)
  • Create Shorts from Podcast Episodes
    While your video podcast will exceed the 60-second limit for Shorts, you can still leverage the Shorts feed to promote your podcast. Take snippets from your best podcasts and turn them into Shorts. Open the episode in the YouTube mobile app, tap the Remix button, and select the option to ‘Edit into a Short’. Choose up to 60 seconds of the long-form video to transform it into an attention-grabbing short. Use the Shorts editing tools, including text and filters, to make it stand out in the Shorts feed.

In conclusion, YouTube’s new podcast tools are truly game changers for dentists and businesses aiming to grow their audiences. Not only do these tools provide better organisation and analytics for podcasts, but they also offer businesses and creators more opportunities for discovery and growth.

So, get out there, leverage these tools, and let your podcast shine!

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